February 2, 2002

This website is dedicated to my dearest friend, Justin “David” Glenn Smith, and all those who are processing the effects of childhood abuse.

I have read many books on overcoming fear, learning to trust, learning to love and numerous other subjects which will help my friend in becoming the man he was meant to be.

Justin has chosen to go down the “Road Less Traveled.” This is a very difficult, brave and courageous mission to undertake. Through these difficult times in his life he will experience pain beyond words, as only those who have been down this “road” encounter.

He will also feel the embarrassment and shame of disclosing these dark moments in his life to many people in order for the healing to begin. Deciding to heal from these wounds of childhood requires more courage and determination than many of us could imagine. But through all of this he will emerge a stronger, wiser, more self-confident man, more than he ever thought possible. For the first time in his life he will be free: free to give love, free to receive love, and he will come to know the joy that comes from giving love one to another, as was meant for all of God’s children.

It is my hope that these chapters will be a great asset to Justin and can one day help others who also suffer from childhood abuse.

It is with great pleasure and honor that I undertake this responsibility to help my dear friend. It is our hope that this website will help the partners or family members who also accompany their loved ones down this “Road Less Traveled.”

With Love and Deepest Affection,

Karin J. Smith